All my work is inspired by jewelry techniques. More precisely - the search for new ones, a constant experiment with materials and forms, methods of creation. The ‘Melt’ collection has a telling name - the surface and shape of each piece is obtained by melting jewelry wax.

I do not strive for the objectivity of forms, but on the contrary, I am looking for abstract, previously non-existent motifs. Therefore, everyone can see something special in these jewelry - fragile twigs or murmuring water, captured by me with metal.

I create every new piece of jewelry from scratch. In this series, I did not make copies of any of the jewelry. Therefore, the texture and shape are unique and inimitable for each owner. And although this approach requires a lot of work from me, I see great value in this.
In a world of big brands and endless identical copies, my jewelry remains special.

Each stage of creation is 100% handmade - I make wax models myself, cast them from silver or gold, solder locks and assemble chains, polish and restore surfaces.

‘Melt’ jewelry is very basic and airy. They are appropriate and comfortable every day, but at the same time they can add elegance to any festive outfit.

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