The ethical and environmental implications of my activities, the possibility of further recycling of jewelry and the safety of work processes are important to me. That's why most often I work in the technique of wax modeling. 80% of my creations are made from recycled silver and gold (you can read more about the jewelry recycling program on Instagram).

A clean, light silver color is close to me aesthetically. That's why I rarely oxidize my jewelry and don't use rhodium. But I use electroplating - silvering and gilding to give the desired color of some jewelry.

Another important feature of my materials are recycled inserts. I rarely create jewelry with minerals because I see a lot of potential and interest in working with surfaces and shapes. But those few jewelry with minerals necessarily contain recycled ones

In exclusive series, I work with materials that are not intended for jewelry - for example, the 'I am not an accident' series is made from the silver-plated core of an old electrical wire, and the Voltage series is made from a copper bus from an old transformer box

I talk more about the materials and the ethical side of the issue on my Instagram