For self-pickup you can visit my workshop in Suur-Paala, 19, Tallinn, Estonia
Worldwide shipping is carried out by mail and cost about 10-20€
You can make an order on the website or contact me on Instagram or other social networks. After clarifying the details of your order, I will send you a payment link
return and guarantee
Each product is handcrafted my own hands, in your size, carefully working out the shape and surface. So I am confident in the quality of the product. But if you received a product with a defect, it's possible a free repair or exchange

All products have a lifetime warranty. I carry out repairs and restore the aesthetic appearance of my products for free, you will only need to deliver the jewelry to my workshop

Jewelery created to order, bought at presale, samplesale or with discount, can't be returned. But exchange is possible.