‘srtange garden’

- Are these flowers or corals?

- It's jewelry.

The 'Strange garden' collection is an abstraction on a floral theme. I'm not interested in realism, and I've always thought flower jewelry are boring.
This series, as always, was born by itself, from my experiments with jewelry wax, technique and forms. Without putting real images into these jewelry, without looking for references and sources of inspiration, I got such forms. My customers, as always, suggested associations to me - several rings together look like a bouquet, and earrings looks like either flowers or corals.

The topic of coral is incredibly important to my ethical approach. The popularity of corals in jewelry has affected ecosystems and led to their extinction. Modern jewelry with natural coral raises questions, along with products made of leather, ivory, and fur. Now coral reefs are also suffering due to climate change, some coral species are under threat of extinction.
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