Aesthetics of texture and form

Balance of uniqueness and simplicity

My jewelry journey began a few years ago when I realized that my hands wanted to express themselves! I graduated as a jeweler and cutter in 2020, but I believe more in continuous development and self-learning.

My little business is not a hobby, but it is not a way to earn as much money as possible. In truth, I'm not great businesswoman :) Rather, this is a great creative path, which is extremely interesting to follow! I love art in all its manifestations with all my heart (I received my first education at St. Petersburg State University (Russia) - a specialist in the field of cultural values). But my biggest love is jewelry and making it.

I have never thought that I would become a jeweler, but each of my pieces brings me so much happiness!

Most of the jewelry is not replicated, it is created uniquely

All jewelry I create by hand in my workshop in Tallinn (Estonia). My main principle is make to order. Although small volumes of my products are exhibited in selected spaces, I see great value in creating jewelry targeted and as needed. Thus, I know for sure that my work is in demand and addressed to a specific person. Nevertheless, there is still a certain stock "in stock". As a rule, these are your favorite models. You can try them on in the workshop or order online with delivery.

Aesthetically, I strive for beauty. This word means something different for everyone, doesn't it? For me, it is something subtle, unusual and attractive. Somewhere on the edge of modern art andd a thing that can still be worn every day. I like the idea of ​​combining solid shapes and unexpected textures. I strive to abandon objectivity, correctness, deliberate clarity. Most of the models refer to natural forms and surfaces, not copying them directly, but leaving buyers room for thought and association.

80% of jewelry is created partially or completely from recycled materials - this is part of my ethical attitude towards the world and things. I came up with and launched a jewelry recycling program, which is actively used by my customers.

The brand philosophy is based on the principles of sustainable development and ethical consumption. I don't use rhodium plating to allow further processing of materials. In design, I strive to abandon the "momentary" trends, free myself from the limits of fashion, expressing timeless ideas.

All products are created with the comfort of the wearer in mind. A lifetime warranty will help extend the life of all my jewelry.